INDIVISUAL is a boutique print & visual design company located in the heart of Austin, TX. It was started by Rachel Vann, a designer in love with print design and all things visual. 

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree (BGD) and over the course of her career has been fortunate to have gained a very well-rounded collection of design experiences. She has worked with quite a few large corporate companies as well as much smaller local businesses.

Her passion is giving a person or company their own identity, may it be their personal wedding suite, new start-up business logo, or refreshing their already well-established company image and branding.

When not designing, Rachel can be found hanging out with her dog Elvis at one of the many dog parks around town and planning her next big trip. She has been lucky to spend quite a bit of time travelling and backpacking all over Europe and the United States. She's been to 25 different countries and loves to have these experiences influence her work. She's also a Libra, half dutch and her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.